Chloë is a Midlands based actor, who has advanced training and has been cast in a range of diverse roles for theatre, short films, commercials, voice overs, music videos, a television show and has received highly commended reviews for her work.


Her training includes focus on Stanislavsky and Meisner techniques, with over 4 years experience at AGF Performing Arts and more recently participating in workshops with the Actors Workshop Nottingham. She has also attended workshops run by Mark Wakeling at The Actors Temple and a PEM technique workshop run by Sarah Victoria. Chloë also considers her valuable industries experience as commendable training.


Chloë was cast in the role of Amber for the short film ‘Amber’ directed by Theo Gee which received multiple positive and acclaimed reviews. She played two roles in the TV show ‘Sketch Up’, which is currently being broadcast on Notts TV.  At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival she performed the role of Lena in 'The Rimers of Eldritch'.


Chloë  also has experience in TIE, Green Screen, Musical Theatre, Children’s Theatre, Physical Theatre, Interactive Theatre and Storytelling.

She has numerous dance qualifications and a Grade 8 Musical Theatre qualification, passed with distinction.  She is also a trained  and freelances part-time Graphic Designer. Enjoying  the challenge of exploring and completing compelling design briefs.


Chloë looks forward to furthering her acting career by securing more training and gaining valuable experience within the film, TV and theatre industries.




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"I was thoroughly impressed. Not only is it current, brilliantly acted out and and creatively staged, but it tackled, with an honesty and openness"

Mari Paskin, Toothill Academy, 12th December 2016



"I was enormously impressed by the structure, integrity and challenge that the company offered to the Year 8 students."


Dr Geoff Readman, 19th December 2016



__"We did some immediate evaluation sheets from a selection of students and staff, they were overwhelmingly positive with all commenting on how brilliant it was and how it met their  expectations."


Helen Feehily, Head of RE, Minster School, 9th February 2017



"I would just like to say how inspiring and engaging the theatre group was for our students."


Mr A Heathcote, Head of Year 8, Quarrydale Academy, 26th February 2017





"Once Amber’s gag is off, she carefully undermines the other two, and here Crump shows her strengths in acting over the others, standing out in the small cast. She brings to the table just the right mix of innocent vulnerability and intelligence enough to have both of her captors in the palm of her hand.ᅠ"


Monica Jowett, UK Film Review, 1st February  2016



"But the film’s trump (or should that be Crump?) card is Chloe Crump, brilliant as Amber. Given equal amounts of time to play the innocent, wide-eyed victim, as well as the almost spell binding object of sexual desire, she gives Amber just enough vulnerability to fear for, as she does intelligence and eroticism to lust after. "


Chris Watt, Watch This Space Film Magazine, 16th January 2016



"Crump’s Amber, initially no more than an observer, suddenly becomes a focal point to extremely interesting effect."


Kirk Fernwood, One Film Fan, 12th January 2016








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